MTV Video Music Awards

Never wishing to do things the “traditional”, or “normal” way, MTV came to us with the notion that the red carpet for the Video Music Awards should take place on the floor of a boutique Las Vegas casino. Would the casino close for this event? Of course not!

We created and supervised a build project that worked overnight, around the Vegas high rollers who continued with their 24/7 sin-city activities. This was a “kid-gloves” project of the highest order, running a production within the tight confines of an intimate, active public space.

The project was a resounding success and NG9 yet again were able to provide MTV with the services required to safely and efficiently master the unconventional.
Said Aaron Chawla about the project “It was a spectacle every night at 330am, like clockwork, the hotel staff would have to escort the intoxicated revellers out of the casino. So much so, that we scheduled the crew breaks accordingly, so we could watch it all going on”.

NG9 have been involved in eight VMA award shows, and every one has had its unique challenges. Each time we have risen to the occasion.